How Does My Septic System work?

EVERYTHING that goes down a drain in your house, goes directly to your septic tank. A septic tank is designed to hold water just long enough for all the grease, fats and lighter materials to float to the top, and any solids to settle to the bottom creating sludge. In time this sludge will build up. If your tank is ignored, it will either back-up causing a mess in your home or the solids will begin to flow out into your drainfield eventually leading to its failure. So no matter what your grandfather said or what that bottle of ‘septic tank solution’ says, youDO need to pump your tank. Preventative maintenance suggests pumping your septic tank ever 2-3 years.

What Can I Flush Down My Toilet?

There are some things that should never be flushed. Baby wipes, diapers, grown up wipes, feminine products, dental floss, Qtips, cigarette butts, grease, toys, toilet brushes, NONE of this should ever go into your tank. These materials do not break down like their boxes say, some things will swell 10x their normal size and will clog your pipes and drainfield. All of those things are meant to go in the garbage can!